Sandra Wood Consulting

Sandra Wood Consulting



Sandra Bellamy Wood has over thirty years of experience as a performer, vocal teacher, and music director. During that time she has served as Director of Music in various churches in North Texas, operated The Voice Studio in Wichita Falls, Texas (1984-1998), directed over 15 community musical theatre productions and performed in over 35 shows. She has worked with performing arts organizations across North Texas to design and coordinate music events and festivals.


In 1994 she founded the nonprofit – Greater Wichita Falls Alliance for the Performing Arts (GWFAPA). She designed and implemented Art for Kids Sake engaging 5,000 students annually through arts-in-education programing in North Texas from 1994-1998. As a result, GWFAPA was honored as organization of the year in 1997 by Partners In Education, Wichita Falls, Texas.


From 2006-2012, Ms. Wood served as President of the Balch Springs Chamber of Commerce - increasing revenue and membership, implementing annual business summits, quarterly seminars and a youth advisory board.


In 2006 she worked with community leaders to establish the historical preservation project “Balch Springs: The Early Days” with initial funding from the Texas Historical Commission and other major contributors. The exhibit and files are on display in the Balch Springs Library and Learning Center under the direction and leadership of Sandra Gallion.


In 2008, she established the Balch Springs Chamber of Commerce Foundation to raise funds and support community causes and efforts. Balch Springs Chamber CEO, Alvestor Gibson, continues that legacy today.


In 2009, she designed and implemented visual and performing arts programs, performances and festivals in southeast Dallas. She also directed the Senior Choir at the Balch Springs Senior Center and coordinated arts programing for youth at the Balch Springs Recreation Center.